Description Note Note 2 AE Display_Type State Tracker Animation Tracker Basic Information Float Information Note for AE
Airborne State Tracker. 1 is crouching. 2 is jumping. 3 is OTG 0: Standing
1: Crouching & Rising from OTG
2: Normal Jump & Super Jump & Flight
3: OTG
o image/icon
Attack_Immune Keeps track of when a character is immune to attacks. 0: Can be hurt
1: Cannot be hurt
2: Is snapped out
o image/icon
Block_Meter Tracks blocked attacks, used for autoblock and fast-fall > 0: Can fast-fall & maybe autoblock. Pushblock freezes number. o image & bar
Facing_Right Keeps track of the direction the character is facing 0: Facing Left
1: Facing Right
o flag
Flight_Flag Keeps track of whether or not a character is flying 0: Not Flying
1: Flying
o flag
FlyingScreen Possible flying screen state flag. Per-character 0: Character has not had FS triggered on them
1: Character has been hit by an attack that caused Flying Screen
o flag
FSI_Points System tracker for Flying Screen Install 9: FSI-1
11: FSI-2
o bar/flag/circles
GuardBreak_Flag Keeps track of how many attacks have been blocked during normal jump state Only tracked during NJ or Unfly o flag
Is_Active Indicates if the character is active (tagged in & assist) 0: Not active
1: Active
o flag
Is_ProxBlock Tracks if the character is in blocking animation. Missing: 14, 23 0: Default
1: In air
2: Dashing
3: Crouching
4: Turning around
5: Stand/Crouch-Block
6: Air-Block
7: Standing Punches
8. Standing Kicks
9: Crouching Punches
10: Crouching Kicks
11: Air Punches
12: Air Kicks
13: Standing-stun & OTG Stun & Airstun
15: Throws
16: Being thrown
17: Getting up from OTG (Invulnerable)
18: Match Start State (Throw Invulnerable)
19: Win Pose
20: Offensive-Crouch-Launcher
21: Flight Startup & Special Attacks
22: Supers
24: Assist Related
o text
Knockdown_State Tracks current state. Missing 12, 16 0: Standing Neutral
1: Walking forward or back
2: Rising to Normal jump
3: Normal Jump
4: Landing from Jump
5: in crouching animation
6: fully-crouched
7: Rising from Crouch
8: Turning Around
9: Crouch Turning Around
10: Forward Dashing
11: Back Dashing
13: Rising to Super Jump
14: Super Jumping
15: Air recovery animation
17: Getting up from OTG Stun & Tech Roll
18: Proximity-Block & Blocking & Pushblocking
19: Air-Prox-Block & Blocking & Pushblocking
20: Normal-Attacks
21: Flight Startup & Special Attacks
22: Assist value after match ends
23: Extra OTG Stun
24: Flight-Neutral
25: Corner Jump
26: Air Dash
27: Tech Hit flip out
28: Tag-Out/Tag-In/Assist-is-Called
29: Supers & Snapbacks & THC
30: Throwing opponent
31: Being thrown
32: Stunned & Undizzy animation & Mandatory-OTG Stun
o text
SJ_Counter For SJI. Tracks ascent, descent and grounded (or normal jump) 0: Grounded or Normal Jump
1: SJ-Ascending
2: SJ-Descending
o image
Stun_Check Keeps track of the type of stun on a character.  0: Not being hit or thrown. Doesn't activate if Super Armor absorbs hit
2: Being thrown
3: Being hit. Doesn't stop if character dies (until they disappear)
o text/flags/image
Unfly Jump-state and by extension, Unfly tracker. 0-255.  0: Default
1: Lowest number after attacking (cannot attack during unfly)
17: Normal Jump (NJ Unfly can be done) & Chain-Unfly
18-255: Unfly is active
255: Attacked and landed on feet. "Full Unfly Meter"
o meter/flag
Walking tracks the type of movement 0: Walking or rolling forward
1: Walking backward
255: Standing
o flags
P1_vs_A_Invincibility Indicates when a character cannot be hit OTG; invincible moves
0: Invincible
o image/flag
Corner_Touch Indicates if the character is touching a corner 0: No
1: Right Corner
2: Left Corner
x text/circle
Move_Disable If greater than 0, character cannot attack Can be used for FSD-Dash x flag
A_2D_Game_Timer Timer Counter Counts down from 99 to 0   number
Frame_Counter Total Frame Skip counter since match start   o bar
Frame_Skip_Counter Sounts the numbers inside of the skipping range 1-4 (4 is skipped) o Circle or X
Frame_Skip_Toggle When active, the frame is skipped 0: Active
255: Skipped
Is_Paused Tracks whether or not the game is paused using the start button   o Circle or X
Action_Flags Tracks the start up, active and recovery of certain attacks 0: Default
1: Startup
2: Active
3: Recovery
x image/icon
Air_Dash_Count Tracker for air dashes. 0 implies can do, 1 implies cannot 0: Has not occurred
1: Has occurred
x text
Air_Recovery_Timer tracks how many frames the character has in oder to recover to neutral Counts down to when the character recovers in the air or on their feet
32 when it will cause a hard knockdown
o bar
Animation_Timer_Main Keeps track of animations like Special Stun, Teleports, Dashes Pushblock: 0 - 27 x Number/bar
Animation_Value Displays the current animation by its memory ID Sprite value tracker for all frames x text
Assist_Value Assist type tracker. Manually change to create Ruby/Gambit bugs. 0: Alpha
1: Beta
2: Gamma
o bar
Attack_Bug_Timer Unsure. Used for THC Tracking   x text
Attack_Number Displays the current attack by its memory ID Unique to each character. Large range. Only for attacks o text
Color 0-5 for color ID 0: LP | 2: HP | 4: A1
1: LK | 3: HK | 5: A2
o number/text
CornerJump tracks if character has used corner jump in their current jump 0: Has not occurred
1: Has occurred
o flags
Damage tracks how much damage the character is receiving from the current attack Varies by character defense and damage scaling. o number
Dizzy_Reset_Timer tracks how long until the dizzy-timer resets back to 0 60 frames after the character stops being hit o circle bar text
Dizzy_Value keeps track of the stun for undizzy. RNG 0-80 o circle bar text
Gravity_X Left-Right gravity value Unique number to character x bar
Gravity_Y Up-Down gravity value. Maybe tied to Y-Boost Unique number to character x bar
Health_Big Non-recoverable health 144 o horizontal bar
Health_Small Recoverable health 144 o horizontal bar
Hyper_Armor Indicates if character has Hyper Armor 0: Not active
128: Active
o Circle or X
ID_2 Character ID in the game by hex (0-56) Akuma 30
Amingo 21
Anakaris 4
B.B. Hood 31
Blackheart 53
Cable 23
Cammy 36
Captain America 11
Captain Commando 56
Charlie 33
Chun-Li 27
Colossus 50
Cyclops 6
Dan 35
Dhalsim 37
Doctor Doom 15
Felicia 32
Gambit 40
Guile 2
Hayato 18
Hulk 13
Iceman 9
Iron Man 51
Jill 17
Jin 55
Juggernaut 41
Ken 39
M.Bison 38
Magneto 44
Marrow 22
Megaman 28
Morrigan 3
Omega Red 48
Psylocke 8
Rogue 10
Roll 29
Ruby Heart 19
Ryu 0
Sabretooth 43
Sakura 34
Sentinel 52
Servbot 58
Shuma-Gorath 45
Silver Samurai 47
Sonson 20
Spider-Man 12
Spiral 49
Storm 42
Strider 5
Thanos 54
Tron Bonne 16
Venom 14
War Machine 46
Wolverine (Adamantium) 7
Wolverine (Bone) 57
Zangief 1
o Text
Jumping_Action_Counter Tracks actions in a Normal Jump 0: Nothing & Normals
1: Specials and Supers
x flags/text
Jumps Tracks jumps 0: Grounded
128: Has not occurred
1: has occurred
o flags
Normal_Strength Keeps track of a characters normal-attack strength 0-2. Doesn't reset back to 0 after finishing 0: LP/LK
2: HP/HK
o flag/image
Point_Character Designates the slot? 0: Main Character
1: Slot B
2: Slot C
o image
ProxBlock Indicates if the particular attack can cause proximity block. Contains other values 20: Is causing Proximity-Block & Cannot cancel move?
128: Is causing Proximity-Block
64: Is not causing Proximity-Block
o text/flag
ProxBlock If 0, does not posses a hitbox   o flag
Snapback_Timer Tracks how long until the snapped-out character can come back in. 4-Byte 2: while leaving
76048: countdown
o bar
Super_Armor Indicates if the character has Super Armor 0: Does not
1: Has
o Circle or X
Throw_Counter_Mash Tracker for mashing attacks. [Direction+Button, Different-Button] Initial value can be RNG o text
Throw_Immune Tracks current state 0: Default
2: OTG
4: Is getting up from OTG. Counts down to 0.
o flag/image
Throw_Limiter Tracks if the character can be thrown 0: Has not been thrown
1: Has been thrown once
2: Has been thrown twice. Cannot be thrown until it resets to 0
o counter/bar
Throw_RNG RNG Value that dictates whether a throw will be mashable to its limit 0-4. 0 is most favorable x text
X_Distance_From_Enemy Character's x-distance away from the point-character opponent Varies. Tracks to center-point which isn't always reachable x position circle
X_Pos Character's x-position in the entire arena `-1250 to 1250 x position circle
X_Position_Screen Character's x-position on the current screen 0-640 x position circle
X_Velocity Forward and backward velocity Varies x Vertical image
Y_Distance_From_Enemy Character's y-distance away from the point-character opponent Varies. Tracks to center-point which isn't always reachable x position circle
Y_Pos Character's y-position in the entire arena (0 to 900) The camera stops tracking at 900 x position circle
Y_Position_Screen Character's y-position on the current screen 0-480 x position circle
Y_Velocity Upward and downward velocity Varies x Vertical image
P1_Combo_Meter_Value Keeps track of the combo meter for P1   o number
P1_Hitstop Tracks the impact freeze   o Circle or X
P1_Max_Combo Keeps a record of the max combo done in the match   o horizontal bar
Pause_Count Tracks total times the game has been paused using the start button   o text
Stage_Selector Hex ID unique to the stage being used 01 Abyss 8
02 Boat1 0
03 Boat2 9
04 Bridge1 4
05 Bridge2 13
06 Carnival1 3
07 Carnival2 12
08 Cave1 14
09 Cave2 5
10 Clock1 15
11 Clock2 6
12 Desert1 1
13 Desert2 10
14 Factory 2
15 Raft1 16
16 Raft2 7
17 Training 11
o text
Total_Frames Total frames since launch in AE:
o text
THC_ID Indicates number of assist on-screen. 1: regular assist call or one assist
2: 2
3: all three characters on-screen during thc
x image/numbers